MediaZazen is a blog focused on building superior new media products. It’s authored by Onur Kabadayı, who reflects his thoughts on topics like user experience, online advertising, entrepreneurship…

I’m a Product Manager at Hurriyet, the largest media group in Turkey. I’ve launched and managed BoomAds as it rapidly became the leading social media advertising platform, working with top brands for viral content distribution. I also coordinate product development and marketing efforts of Hurriyet.com.tr, 3rd most popular news website in Europe (ComScore).

Prior to moving Istanbul I lived in Chicago and San Francisco. I’ve obtained my masters degree in Marketing from Northwestern University, where I focused on new-media and e-commerce marketing. Then, I worked for Fortune500 companies and start-ups in USA. Previously, I graduated from Bilkent University with a B.Sc. in Management degree.

In 2006, I co-founded Networked Concepts, a start-up that pioneered interactive live video technologies on the Internet. Going through a challenging start-up journey and raising funding during the fascinating days of early web2.0 era, I admire all aspiring innovators.

My professional role can be related as a “new-media architect”, which involves a deep commitment to bridging technology, business, and user goals.

I occasionally offer consulting services, present at conferences and speak at universities. I’m also a movie buff, an avid traveller, a nature sports and electronic music enthusiast.

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